Tuesday 1 October 2013

Live life king size

As a child we all have heard this phrase quite often. Since then i have in mind to live my life at fullest. I take my own decisions, make my own choices, take chances, have a hand with my luck and many other countless tiny little things. I think of myself as a king, one who wants to be surrounded by luxuries, power, facilities, royalty and lifestyle of that stature. The power to do anything i desire, the respect everyone secretly aspire, the authority and stature that's unmatched. The royalty which speaks for itself. YES!! I think and day dream of all this. My parents think i am crazy, my friends call me stupid, my teachers find me unrealistic. But honestly, i don't care. We all have one life, it's up to me the way i plan it, the way i want to shape my future, caress my dreams. Whatever decisions i make, i make sure they are of my own, at least that ways none would be guilty for my mistakes. I get blind and run too far chasing my dreams. My parents feel worried. But this is the time i feel, we all can and should explore ourselves. Fall in love with someone unconditionally, laugh at silly jokes, be the reason of someone's smile, don't give a second thought about your actions, make mistakes, time to get in trouble, meet new people, be crazy. Because after years from now, when i see myself standing with a dozen people who are unsatisfied, disillusioned and frustrated with their lives, i don't want to be the next one. I want to be the one who can proudly say  "Yes i have lived it all! I don't wish for another life to live all these years to my fullest."
Don't wait because right now is the oldest you have ever been and youngest you could ever be.

"I seriously have forgot all those things of past which brings tears,
don't give a damn to future which may brought upon any fear..!"

We only live once. So, overuse i love you, use thank you and sorry, make new friends, fill those uncovered bridges, see the unseen, laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you, fight so hard that even fate announces you a winner, and live so well that even death says, i wanna live once. Because who knows, how many tomorrows we have left?


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