Saturday 31 August 2013

Stand Again

I had promised to set you free with a smile..
After you had left, i felt mad and broken for a while..!

You had hurt me so much that even my heart felt so sore,
all i could plead was not to tear apart me anymore..
But you the heartless chick, fuc*ed up my life as a roadside whore..
I just wanted to come out of this sea of pain and reach the shore..!

But how could i do it, with you leaving none on my side..
How could i stand up and walk without my friends beside..
The only option that seemed realistic was just to hide..
Had i given up, how would i have re built my destroyed pride..!

But i just guess this was your way of saying thank you, for all the things i had done..
The only thing which you did every time was just to run,
Leaving everything behind and me to burn..
Thinking that by stealing those friends you had won..

But how could i give up on them..
They were my friends, my true gems..
You forgot that we are connected as a tree and its stem..

I think that's what took you down,
made you look like a foolish clown..
Thinking had i had fallen from the rope..
But somehow i still managed to find that lost hope..

That's what made me stand again..
Enduring all that excrutiating pain..
My life gave me a chance to make it same..
Whispering in my ears that whatever you do, that never goes in vain..!
That never goes in vain..!

Friday 2 August 2013


Nothing materialistic
or antique, get me this:

I want an ounce of that air,
that still has strands of your hair..!

I want that sand,
that was touched by your hand..!

I want that water,
that still has the scent of your laughter..!

I want that fire..
which is ignited by your ambitious desires..!

I want an acre of that sky,
in which you dream to fly..!