Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Kaash woh 2 ki jagah 4 minute hote,
isi bahane hum 2 minute aurr saath hote..! ;)

Khud ko thoda aurr lucky mehsoos karta...
tu fir na rooth jaae, isse bhi darta..! :/

Tujhee akele jaane dene ka mann toh nahi tha mera..
abb jab humm milen, naa jaane woh hoga kaunsa savera..!!

Bass itta pta h tera ye saath pyaara tha..
poora dinn enjoy kia, jo reh gaya woh akshardham ka favara tha..! :P

Monday, 28 October 2013

Warzone: A night before exam

Me: bc woh question dikha...thoda haath hata..!
Tyagi: Jaldi likh saale, mujhe paper abbi poora karna h..!! :X
Me: rukk jaa bhai..bass 2 minute ho jaaunga warna! :'(


Ah, it's 11:36 at night, and i'm lying here at the floor with my eyes half opened, burning too violently. It was a dream!


It's going to be tomorrow's reality..! Technically speaking, by the time i would finish this, it would be today's reality.
The exam is just 10 hours away!

"Hey just 10 hours? Dude 10 hours are too much! I could easily study and top. I think sleeping wouldn't be innocuous!!"
"Dude shut up!! Don't exacerbate the situation..! Get up and study. There are tons left!"
"I say just sleep buddy! It's dubious that whatever you are studying wouldn't even come up tomorrow!"
"Fine! I'll savour my few hours of solitude alone! Goodbye!!"

My mind had taken it's decision! Pulling an all nighter... Yet Again!


I get up from the floor, have a quick glance at the chair that had exonerated me a couple of minutes ago. I wash my face, wear my armour, tighten my headgear and draw my sword and spear for another round of the glorious and impeccable war of my life! The chanting of my prayers could be heard easily. With the last words of it, i jump into the Mammoth battlefield! Surrounded by a plethora of enemies, i gulped a few drops of my special medicine and started another "One Man War" against the army of the "Inevitable's"!


It has been nearly an hour!! The beads of sweats on my forehead are no longer ignorable. I'm already wounded, albeit not a life threatening one! The cool breeze is a respite from the stifling heat. I have been fusilladed thrice in the last 20 minutes. I am still standing(In One Piece!! ;> ;>) but with a degree of aloofness. As far as i can see there is no one but the atrocious commanders of the enemy army!!
The suggestions in my head are preposterous. I know this can be the end of the day, but i have no other survival option left. I gulp down the remains of my "special medicine", once again sport my shield, draw my weapon and jump into the battlefield.


The war has now been transcended. I look at my compass to get a sense of direction. But it's of no use now. I am surrounded by a cadre of masked, tricky, tall and hefty soldiers. I'm irascible right now. Perhaps it might buy me a few more minutes, i might be able to breathe a few more breaths, survive some more attacks, kill some enemies! But alas. Fate has different plans in  store for me. Someone strikes his sword ferociously with me. It cuts the fillet of my headgear in to two. They are not benign. They have no signs of mercy in their eyes. Rather there eyes are hollow and as dark as the moonless night!


The final blow! The sword that had been adorned by blood for the past so many hours now lay on the ground. Giving it company lie the spear. The headgear that was protecting me could be spotted a few feet away. My shield, embraced with so many blows had been snatched away. The special medicine i had been carrying, well there were no traces of it left. And here i am lying on the floor, my body now enjoying the pain which it couldn't stand once. The plans i had chalked(not to mention that they had flawed too) out in my head were long gone. My efforts had culminated and earned me some respect and pride and ohh.. not to forgot some vital information! My breathing was hyperventilated. Layers of dust and tar were visible on my body. The sun was almost up. It would be just a few more hours after which i would have to get up once again and face the battle for which i had been fighting so long! But i was feeling triumphed. I had managed to survive long enough and see the glory of war with my own eyes!

Yeah fighting for a battle. Sounds dubious! But this is only the beginning of what is going to be a full week long battle!

"Against all odds..
 with hopes of no mercy from the gods..!
 I would once again,
 take my shield and sword...
 fight the enemies, bear the pain..
 the hard work and patience may finally deliver the reward..!
 I know in my head..
 the reality can't be sweet..
 All i had wasn't a dream..! 
 The battlefield would be my only bed..!
 And my shield would be marked in red, black and green..!!"

Described here is an article on a night before exam!
War zone

Friday, 25 October 2013

Last Chance

I don’t know how to do it..
But I just want to do it right..!
I need to say i’m sorry..
I can never see us fight...! :(

Yeah i made a few mistakes..
Overstepped some boundaries
which made me look fake...! :/

So I hope that you listen and see it in my eyes,
this sincere apology that comes with tears from deep inside...! :'(

I was angry and frustrated..!
didn't realise then, what was right and what was wrong...
i thought i could hide my pain from you and act strong...!

"Not talking to you was the last option i wanted,
But trust me. I did it for you because i didn't want
my anger to burst on you, and spoil your mood.
Also i didn't do so(not talked) because of that challenge...!"

I always felt, it was tough and painful what i did.
But ohh please dear..before thinking anything,
Just put yourself in my shoes.
Ignoring you and not talking was never a solution,
But i felt then, i was left with no other option and yes i cared for you!!

I don't know what to do.
I try so hard.
To be a better person to you...!
I screw up a lot.
And then you ignore me too.
I don't know why.
But I still love you.

You're my friend.
I know we can make it through.
Lets make this friendship last forever.
And make it better and true...! :)

I don’t want to have to search..
Search for a different friend..
Cause I only want you..!
But when I close my eyes..
And I open and you are not there..
A tear runs down my face..
I can’t act like I don’t care..!
And I hope you come back..
And forgive me for what I’ve done..
Give me another chance,
Give me this last one...!

poem on sorrow, regret

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


बचपन के वो पल कल बन चुके हे.... 
पलकों पर लगे सपने पक चुके हे.. !
पर हर रात मुझको आती हे बचपन याद तेरी.. 
साथ ले गया तू ज़िन्दगी की सबसे सच्ची खुशियाँ मेरी!! :/

शाम को दोस्तों के साथ अड्डे पर जाना... 
फिर अपनी अपनी बात के लिए मनाना..!
थक हार कर पूछना बताओ कौनसा खेलें खेल..
क्रिकेट , फुटबॉल, छुप्पा-छुप्पी या गुलेल..! :D 

वह सुबह आँखें मलते हुए उठना....
२ मिनट का बहाना बना फिर सो जाना..!

काश कहीं, कुछ देर के लिए मिल जाए वोह गुज़रा बचपन....
बदले में ले जाए ये मेरा लड़कपन..!
इसी बहाने फिर बनाऊंगा स्कूल ना जाने के बहाने हज़ार..
पर ज्यादा देर रुक ना पाऊंगा खींच ही लेगा मुझे वोह दोस्तों का प्यार..! <3 

माना मेरा लड़कपन खूब निराला है... 
पर बचपन का वोह रंग ही कुछ प्यारा है..!
रिमझिम बारिश में मस्ती में झूमना..
पापा के कन्धों पर चढ़ मेला घूमना..!
चोट लग जाने पर माँ का माथा चूमना..
और फिर खाना खिलाने के लिए घर में ढूँढना..! :P

तितलियाँ और पकड़ कर हम यूँ इतराते..
आंटी की छड़ी से बचने के लिए पेड़ों पर झट चढ़ जाते ..!
कागज़ के जहाज बना कर कुछ  यूँ उड़ाते..
उसको उड़ता देख पल भर में होमवर्क की टेंशन भूल जाते..! B|

वो बंक करके गेम्स का पीरियड और दोस्तों का साथ...
किसने सोचा था, कल आएँगे ये पल याद....!!
टीचर के कमरे का शीशा तोडना बार बार..
फिर चिल्लाना "अब तो बॉल तू ही लाएगा सरदार"..! >:O

वो छोट्टी सी रातें और पापा की कहानी..
दिन में पापा के किस्से, दादी की ज़ुबानी..! :D 
वो खेल कर आना, और घर आकर चिल्लाना "पानी "..
अपनी मर्ज़ी के मालिक, ओर वो प्यारी, भोली नादान मनमानी....!!

बचपन के ये पल ज़िन्दगी भर याद आएँगे..
ना जाने क्यूँ, दिल कहता है, हर बार आँखें नम कर जाएंगे....!!
फिर खुद पर ही हसकर हम यूँ मुस्कुराएँगे....
मानो ये बचपन के दिन फिर लौट आएँगे....!! ;) :*

memories of childhood

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Teri muskurahat ka hi ye saroor h.. Bhala iss main mere dil ka kya kasoor h..! :/ Abb kya maangun bhagwan se tujhe paane k baad.. Kyun karun aurr intezaar, abb jabb h tu mere saath..! :D Meri nazar ko teri hi nazar ki thi talaash.. Jo pal jiya tere saath, wahi bann gaya zindagi ka ehsaas..! ;) Teri inn kaali khoobsurat aankhon ko ektak dekhta rahun aurr dinn dhal jaaye.. Woh haqeekat sa khwaab hi kitna haseen ho jiss main tu mil jaaye..! B| Ye meri aankhen tujhe bheed k unn laakhon chehron main khone nahi degi.. Chandani bhari raat main, taaron ki baarat main b tujhe meri yaaden sone nahi degi..! :*

poetry on love, romance and hapiness

Friday, 18 October 2013

What to do

I looked for you..
You weren't there..
I turned back...
To see you didn't care..

Now, i can see in your eyes..
The truth about your lies..

Think about the time...
How we parted, and how much i cried..
Just please don't speak!!
Because now i know when you lied...

You just walked away..
Yet, i had so much to say..
You were the one to leave..
Leaving me alone to grieve..

We had it all...
But meant nothing for you...
I am left here! Wandering what to do...

What to do...

What to do......

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Sunset at beachThe sunlight skips across the daylong tired waves.. Listen and you'll hear the granting roars.. The mighty water floods every hole, gate and cave..
Returning so vigorously that it pushes even the mightiest on all it's four..!
Move forward a bit and you can see the palm tree behind.. The pallet of colors, the the sea and the sky are all as far as i can see.. Surrender yourself to water and it'll soothe your mind.. Don't hold on anything tonight, go with the flow and let it be..!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Past. Present. Future.

Now. None is there, with whom i can share...
Certainly, they all don't even care..

So i always fetch up a pen and a paper..
write what's on my mind..or
They say now you have become rude and aggressive..
destroying everything behind..

For them, i can only say..."Yes! I live in the fear of past!!"
But one thing i know, nothing can forever last!! :)

I just don't know how my present may nurture..
Though i have realised, happiness is not something you postpone for the future..

The best thing about the future is it comes one at a time!!
And i know, soon enough the world will be mine!! :D

Monday, 7 October 2013

Trust and Betrayal

"I trusted him, still he did so." "I could never believe she could do cheat me like that!" "I had faith in her. She destroyed every bit of it!!"

We often come across such heart breaking situations.
It is bad enough when a stranger or foe betrays you, but when it is The "Someone" whom we pictured our "Perfect" companion, friend, mate, sibling or better half it hurts more. It might feel like you were taken advantage of, cheated, deceived, humiliated, despised, back stabbed. The pain and agony is too much to bear. We feel like everything has ended, our world is scattered and shattered. Suddenly we feel helpless, as if someone has cut our hands.  The Someone becomes the most hated person. We can't stand his sight, can't hear his name and moreover the vengeance makes it impossible to forget him. our situation becomes that of a toothless lion. You can't fight the person, if you do there's more fighting, you end up getting more hurt.
In some time we forget all what happened if not forgive him.

But, it is nearly impossible for us to be betrayed, cheated and back stabbed if we did not trust the "Someone" in the first place. The reason that it's so heart breaking is that we never expected it to happen. It wasn't meant to occur. Such a thing could only take place because of someone's deliberately hurtful behavior, their intended intentions, their own personal weakness, their carelessness. Betrayal blindsides us, shaking the very foundations of our world of belief. We portray the betrayer as the devil in sheep's clothes. Betrayal comes as a tsunami, a volcano of emotions. The initial phase is most painful. Bitterness and anger is the most common reaction. Until you yourself don't accept the situation, mentally prepare yourself, your wounds won't heal. Rebuilding your trust, gaining your lost confidence can be the toughest challenge. If you hold on and don't let go, it will only hurt you more.

"Our trust is lost, wounds are deep..
  we see the person, the betrayer as cheap..
  either we can smile and let go, or hold on and weep..
  let your trust re build, your confidence reap..
  then only you can have a peaceful night's sleep..!! "

When we trust a person, we’re not afraid to be goofy and quirky. We share our ambitions, vision, dreams, joys and sorrows with that person.
Deep inside we are vulnerable yet we have the confidence to take risks. It is the faith in that person that makes him so valuable. It is this trust only that makes the person special, with whom we cherish our time, share and spread happiness, love and are loved back. The more deeper the wound, the stronger was the bond. When our trust is broken, we become more self conscious, afraid and hesitant to trust someone again. But if your relationship is true, trust should be re-established. Forgiving and forgetting is the toughest part. Many a times hurting a person is not deliberate. It just happens. Every time it's not in our hands. The relationships that survive the waves of betrayal and disharmony often emerge stronger and more memorable than ever. So, the inevitable decision is yours. Move on or re build your relation..!

"At the end of the day it's not the number of time you fell that matters. What matters is how many you times you stood up and smiled!!"

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Live life king size

As a child we all have heard this phrase quite often. Since then i have in mind to live my life at fullest. I take my own decisions, make my own choices, take chances, have a hand with my luck and many other countless tiny little things. I think of myself as a king, one who wants to be surrounded by luxuries, power, facilities, royalty and lifestyle of that stature. The power to do anything i desire, the respect everyone secretly aspire, the authority and stature that's unmatched. The royalty which speaks for itself. YES!! I think and day dream of all this. My parents think i am crazy, my friends call me stupid, my teachers find me unrealistic. But honestly, i don't care. We all have one life, it's up to me the way i plan it, the way i want to shape my future, caress my dreams. Whatever decisions i make, i make sure they are of my own, at least that ways none would be guilty for my mistakes. I get blind and run too far chasing my dreams. My parents feel worried. But this is the time i feel, we all can and should explore ourselves. Fall in love with someone unconditionally, laugh at silly jokes, be the reason of someone's smile, don't give a second thought about your actions, make mistakes, time to get in trouble, meet new people, be crazy. Because after years from now, when i see myself standing with a dozen people who are unsatisfied, disillusioned and frustrated with their lives, i don't want to be the next one. I want to be the one who can proudly say  "Yes i have lived it all! I don't wish for another life to live all these years to my fullest."
Don't wait because right now is the oldest you have ever been and youngest you could ever be.

"I seriously have forgot all those things of past which brings tears,
don't give a damn to future which may brought upon any fear..!"

We only live once. So, overuse i love you, use thank you and sorry, make new friends, fill those uncovered bridges, see the unseen, laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you, fight so hard that even fate announces you a winner, and live so well that even death says, i wanna live once. Because who knows, how many tomorrows we have left?