Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Independence Day

Independence Day
When i looked at those stars..
or that old man puffing his cigar..
or the cool dude, playing the strings of guitar..
Just 1 question pops my mind: "Where we are??"

As i move forward a bit, enter an arena full of people..
looking at them, getting a feeling of marbles stuffed in a jar..
As i turn around, i see young lads stumbling in the bar..
calling for someone to drive them home in their car..
I just think where we are..??

Now, the lights are dim, the music is high..
i find a body..not lying so far..
Covered with dust and tar..
graced all over with bruises and scar..

People seeing her, trampling over her...
not even a single soul helping her to stand up..
I bend down, i skedaddle the bees hovering on her face..
as i stand there, with her in my arms, looking for a place..
To get her some air, to let her breathe in some space...
i just realised..Where we are..!!

At that moment i was alarmed..
The pretty girl in my arms..
is our Nation,
That is still being harmed..!!

The old man(leaders of our country) pretty much responsible for her situation..
that rockstar or the guy in the bar(the youth)...
equally responsible for her condition..
The girl now barely whispering, rather begging..
"Save me. I want Justice..I want Peace..
 Save me from this Corruption and all these other Disease..
 I just want my life back from these corrupt and evil Bernice..!!"

Tears finally stopped from the eyes that were now hollow..
her pain eased and now her breaths were shallow..!
I was just left transfixed there..
i tried feeding her some water...
But now all i could here was roars of Anger and Laughter..!!
The old man laughing...
and the youth out on the streets protesting..!!

They now joined hands and fought hard..
with all their might and heart..
Took good care of her and saw themselves as Her Guard..
she encouraged them, motivated them and kept on saying..
"You have to conquer just a few more yards..!!"

As years passed away..
more of that old man's hair turned grey..
Finally came a day...
when God had answered their prays..
the day sounded like finding a needle in a hay..
But still Miraculously...or was it Her Fate..
even after so many years of getting Her Independence..
She had Finally got Independence that day..!!
Yes. For her, Today was her ""Independence Day"" !!!

- The Independence Day