Wednesday 20 November 2013

Interview with Ravana

Today i was searching some stuff and came across this piece of writing. The date read 27-08-2003. I was in 6th standard then! :D :D
Albeit, my mom helped me writing this, but majority of the efforts were mine! :P
It would be great if you try to perceive this from a 11 year old kid's point of view!


**Welcome ladies and gentlemen to your very own show: "CelebTalks" ! Each week we interview a famous celebrity and this time on our show we have none other than our very own Ravana! Yes ladies and gentlemen the same Ravana who is believed to be killed by Shri Ram!! So let's welcome him here and start our interview!!**

I: Hello Ravana. It's so good to have you hear. Hope your journey was a pleasant one.
R: Ohh yeah! The journey is always great with my Pushpak Vimana!

I: Hahaha! You brought it here?
R: Hell yeah! I have parked it outside, just in front of the India Gate.

I: I'm amazed. But any ways, my first question of the day to you is, Why did you go from the earth so early?
R: Who says i am gone? I'm still there living among you humans. I just have adopted some different forms.

I: What are those forms Ravana?
R: Well there are many. For example terrorists, corrupt politicians etc.

I: Ohh my god! It means you might be someone sitting in the audience?
R: Hahaha! You never know!


I: Why did you kidnap Maa Sita?
R: Just for fun. I wanted to create an atmosphere of fear and terror.

terror, violence

**It's time for a break ladies and gentlemen. We'll soon be back. So stay tuned.**

*curtains rise*

I: Welcome back to the show. Today we have Ravana in our studio. So my next question to Ravana you is, What do you think about the rise in price?
R: Ohh..that's pretty simple. The prices rise because of the increasing hunger of the politicians of your country!

I: You said politicians. But do you know what do they think of you?
R: Yes! They idolise me. They worship me. In some form or another, i reside in every one of them. And i'm pretty sure, in the coming elections, they would make me the Prime Minister!

evil and politic, corruption and poverty

*hysteric laugh*

I: I can't believe what you said. But moving on to our next question, What are your favourite colours?
R: The colours of corruption, poverty, hunger and terror are my favourite. Though i have a long, long list.

I: Hmm..! At least that's honest. Now my final question to you, Ravana is When are you planning to go back to Lanka?
R: Hahahahahah! Why do i have to go back? I am not going anywhere from here. India is a great place to live and prosper. I'll once again expand my empire and rule your parliament!

*evil grin*

**Well i am must say, all of us are shocked by this interview. But thank you so much Ravana for coming to our show! Have a happy journey and i seriously wish your journey ends in Lanka! That's all for tonight ladies and gentlemen. Time to bid all of you good night now!!**

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