Monday, 28 October 2013

Warzone: A night before exam

Me: bc woh question dikha...thoda haath hata..!
Tyagi: Jaldi likh saale, mujhe paper abbi poora karna h..!! :X
Me: rukk jaa bhai..bass 2 minute ho jaaunga warna! :'(


Ah, it's 11:36 at night, and i'm lying here at the floor with my eyes half opened, burning too violently. It was a dream!


It's going to be tomorrow's reality..! Technically speaking, by the time i would finish this, it would be today's reality.
The exam is just 10 hours away!

"Hey just 10 hours? Dude 10 hours are too much! I could easily study and top. I think sleeping wouldn't be innocuous!!"
"Dude shut up!! Don't exacerbate the situation..! Get up and study. There are tons left!"
"I say just sleep buddy! It's dubious that whatever you are studying wouldn't even come up tomorrow!"
"Fine! I'll savour my few hours of solitude alone! Goodbye!!"

My mind had taken it's decision! Pulling an all nighter... Yet Again!


I get up from the floor, have a quick glance at the chair that had exonerated me a couple of minutes ago. I wash my face, wear my armour, tighten my headgear and draw my sword and spear for another round of the glorious and impeccable war of my life! The chanting of my prayers could be heard easily. With the last words of it, i jump into the Mammoth battlefield! Surrounded by a plethora of enemies, i gulped a few drops of my special medicine and started another "One Man War" against the army of the "Inevitable's"!


It has been nearly an hour!! The beads of sweats on my forehead are no longer ignorable. I'm already wounded, albeit not a life threatening one! The cool breeze is a respite from the stifling heat. I have been fusilladed thrice in the last 20 minutes. I am still standing(In One Piece!! ;> ;>) but with a degree of aloofness. As far as i can see there is no one but the atrocious commanders of the enemy army!!
The suggestions in my head are preposterous. I know this can be the end of the day, but i have no other survival option left. I gulp down the remains of my "special medicine", once again sport my shield, draw my weapon and jump into the battlefield.


The war has now been transcended. I look at my compass to get a sense of direction. But it's of no use now. I am surrounded by a cadre of masked, tricky, tall and hefty soldiers. I'm irascible right now. Perhaps it might buy me a few more minutes, i might be able to breathe a few more breaths, survive some more attacks, kill some enemies! But alas. Fate has different plans in  store for me. Someone strikes his sword ferociously with me. It cuts the fillet of my headgear in to two. They are not benign. They have no signs of mercy in their eyes. Rather there eyes are hollow and as dark as the moonless night!


The final blow! The sword that had been adorned by blood for the past so many hours now lay on the ground. Giving it company lie the spear. The headgear that was protecting me could be spotted a few feet away. My shield, embraced with so many blows had been snatched away. The special medicine i had been carrying, well there were no traces of it left. And here i am lying on the floor, my body now enjoying the pain which it couldn't stand once. The plans i had chalked(not to mention that they had flawed too) out in my head were long gone. My efforts had culminated and earned me some respect and pride and ohh.. not to forgot some vital information! My breathing was hyperventilated. Layers of dust and tar were visible on my body. The sun was almost up. It would be just a few more hours after which i would have to get up once again and face the battle for which i had been fighting so long! But i was feeling triumphed. I had managed to survive long enough and see the glory of war with my own eyes!

Yeah fighting for a battle. Sounds dubious! But this is only the beginning of what is going to be a full week long battle!

"Against all odds..
 with hopes of no mercy from the gods..!
 I would once again,
 take my shield and sword...
 fight the enemies, bear the pain..
 the hard work and patience may finally deliver the reward..!
 I know in my head..
 the reality can't be sweet..
 All i had wasn't a dream..! 
 The battlefield would be my only bed..!
 And my shield would be marked in red, black and green..!!"

Described here is an article on a night before exam!
War zone

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