Sunday, 1 December 2013


The pedestrians were hurrying up as the heavy downpour continued. It was a long traffic jam. The wipers of the cars could be seen swiping away the raindrops and the drifting mist. Everyone was taking in refuge wherever they could. On the left corner of the intersection was a huge Santa Claus. A clear indication of the beginning of Christmas celebrations throughout the city. The rhythmic ringing of the bells composed some wonderful music. 

From the other side of the street, came the sounds of gunshots as a tall hooded figure, covering himself with a black scarf hurried past and quickly disappeared in the crowd. Panic had struck people. None had clue whom was fired upon and who fired the shots. A body lay there, on the bottom of a staircase with blood drooling out. The traffic saw some movements as cars with blue and red lights and sirens came in swiftly. Police and Ambulance for sure!! A few people had hurried and made a pillow for the dying man and were trying every possible method they knew of, to save him. The cold and chilly wind blew shrivelled leaves as the policemen came forward and bagged and tagged the corpse, scarf and the gun they found in his hand. At least his dead body would be preserved from the misty winds and death tearing cold! 

The woman bumped into a bystander and murmured 'idiot!' The moonlight falling on her half covered face, her black shining eyes and the flocks of hair playing with each other gave a mesmerising look. Awestruck by her appearance, the guy could only stand there and see her, of course with his jaw dropped. She hurried and took the bus. She found herself a seat and sat there. She was as calm as water and turned on her 'CD' player. Tears or even expressions of remorse or guilt were nowhere to be seen in her eyes or on her majestic face as she hummed the song. 

She knew he deserved this. Justice was denied to her from the very own peacemakers and lawmakers who knew every minute detail about the truth. Yet none had taken her side in court as the beast walked out innocent. He had killed her family, ravaged her. Tormented the people she so dearly loved. Made them suffer for things they never did. And all this happened in front of her eyes. She didn't shed a tear when he had put a bullet in his father's head. She didn't winced when he overpowered her brother and burned him alive. She didn't cry when he was inside her. She didn't cry when she survived the ordeal. She had mentally promised herself that she would only cry when this outrageous and monstrous bastard die! And finally the day had come. She could no longer feel the scent of his 'perfume' from her body. She was now relaxed and composed. A tear drop moistened her cheeks but was unable to move her. "He deserved this!" She mentally repeated a millionth time in last 20 minutes. 

Her father always used to say, "Each player must accept the card life deals him. But once he has them in hand, it's up to him how he plays them to get the maximum benefit!" A smile lighted up her face when she repeated this in her head. The memories still sounded so fresh! But No! She had come a long way now. She knew what she was about to do. The lure of power was too much she could resist. She quickly drew out her notepad and made a short list of a few names. The names that made up her hit list. At the bottom, it read:

- "No second chances, in the land of thousand crime dances,
    the valley of ten million insanities death awaits you!"

NOTE:-  This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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